Belfast at Night

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Belfast is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland and was granted city status in 1888. It is located on the threshold of the River Lagan and has a population of over 330,000. The city derives its name from the Irish ‘Beal Feirste’, meaning ‘Mouth of the Farset’, the river on which it was built. The district of Belfast covers 44 square miles.

 The site has been occupied during the Stone, Bronze and Iron age but only began to prosper during the industrial revolution due to the vital role it played in Ireland’s linen, tobacco, rope-making and shipbuilding industries.

 The city suffered as a result of violence and political unrest during The Troubles from the late 1960s up until the Good Friday Peace Agreement in 1998. However, since then it has flourished as a thriving economic city and popular tourist destination, providing world class education and entertainment, whilst happy to boast of its famous sons and daughters including C.S Lewis, Mary McAleese, George Best, Mary Peters and Van Morrison.